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that thing when you're at a bar with a person you're fan stupid about but they're having a nice conversation with someone and you don't​ want to intrude so instead wander away

@craigmaloney hmm actually i may not bring the 800... might not have room for it and additional peripherals to make it worthwhile otherwise :/ am bringing a retropie and two CHIP machines that play pico-8 though

It's almost as if tech journalists do the bare minimum of research before moving on to the next topic. Or that the tech industry has become so focused on chasing giant piles of money that nobody can remember a time when true successes on the internet were achieved by hobbyists working on passion projects with no regard for how much money they might make

@craigmaloney Oh huh actually I do have an Atari 800, maybe I should pack it

@craigmaloney Yeah, I ended up cancelling. A few other very similar talks and I was feeling like I wouldn't get things done in time :/ Doing the retro gaming thing on saturday morning / afternoon though

@craigmaloney I should also actually get out of the house for MUG and coffee house coding things

@craigmaloney Heh, I'd be more impressed if it actually all made a game :) I should blog more, though I did write about the basic engine core - oof more years ago than I realized blog.lmorchard.com/2013/11/27/

@craigmaloney But also writing my own engine from the ground up is another likely reason I don't have a game yet :)

I had a game on Pico-8 basically over a weekend

@craigmaloney Oh it's all from scratch. Well, except for lately I started playing with Pixi for a WebGL-based 2D engine. But I think it might not be the right tool

Of course my next stage is to figure out how to make WebGL simulate a Wells-Gardner 19K6100

@fluffy Yeah, that could be helpful. Also trying to find a way to build a cheap map from the play field. Saw an algo that basically does a progressive binary division of space to come up with entity-sized cells of traversable space as a map, but it seems expensive.

Also realizing that most of my game ideas right now center around building a simulation with a shit-ton of entities and tweaking rules until something fun emerges. I haven't released another game in a year or so, so this has mostly been tinkering for the hell of it.

Of course, decomposing the scene into a map on every frame and running A* and throwing a way the result on the next frame sounds horribly wasteful and braindead.

My hunch is I just haven't learned the right stuff yet.

At some point, I want to pick up tinkering with my "game" Parsec Patrol. My last semi-abandoned challenge was trying to work out how to ensmarten baddies to navigate a dynamic asteroid field.

Learned a bunch about a bunch of pathfinding algorithms, none of which quite worked. That or, I didn't quite implement them well. Have some ideas to move forward, like decomposing the scene into a map on every frame and running A* on that.


so i went on a Smash Mouth spree last week and now last.fm thinks they're my top band oh no last.fm/user/deusx

@foxiehkins I was about to curse you and then I saw what it was and now I praise you

wow, i guess folks liked that coffee machine toot from earlier. 90 re-toots and 86 faves - the most viral action I've ever gotten in the fediverse so far. guess i should steal tweets more often

That awkward moment when everyone on a video call says goodbye and then all go questing for the close button