@lmorchard I actually can't tell if he was leading into some kind of reversal for effect or if he's sincerely arguing for mass deportations of immigrants.

@Riley I took him at face value, because non-immigrants take too much for granted

@lmorchard I took a closer look and it looks like he's actually not a horrible racist nationalist. NYT has kind of lost the thread lately, so its domain is not a reliable indicator on whether or not an article is worth reading these days.

Les Orchard βœ…πŸ•ΉοΈπŸ”§πŸ±πŸ° @lmorchard

@Riley That might have sounded sarcastic, but wasn't. We're NYT subscribers but pretty close to cancelling

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@lmorchard @Riley You think he’s worse than Bill Kristol was?

I’m a loooong way from canceling. But I’m in NYC, which makes it really hard to quit.