anyone interested in another cyberpunk movie #livetoot ? i got halfway through "Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the Future" before i realized i should totally post about it here

i'll be using the #maxheadroom tag so feel free to filter that if you don't wanna be flooded / don't care

(also, thread-long CW for gifs, possibly with flashing! i'll be NSFWing them but just be aware!)


for context, i stumbled on this movie when trying to find out where that common cyberpunk referential trope of the glitchy-white-guy-on-weird-pattern thing came from.

turns out it's Max Headroom, an artificial news anchor who featured in several different pieces of media in the 80s, but who first showed up in this incredibly cyberpunk hour-long movie that gave him a backstory


this opening sequence was super confusing the first time through, but now that i know what's going on it makes more sense.

this guy's a kind of runner/journalist, he lugs his camera around and tries to get inside footage of strange stuff that's going on

he's very popular, so he can do things that his network doesn't like.


this movie has some killer vector graphics for all the computer screens btw


this guy's the journalist's sort of home-base contact guy, he manages the feed and helps him with domain awareness.

in the opening sequence, he screws up and leaves edison cut off, and we get this amazing TV-punch out of it


the order to cut the feed was from "high up...very high up"

so high up, they're sitting in a dark room around a table with an ominous logo in the background


blipverts are, apparently, a way to compress 30 seconds of advertising into a single second.

and the "blipvert problem" is it causes some people to spontaneously combust.

yeah i catch on fire too when i have to watch advertising buddy


the mastermind behind these blipverts, who skypes into their evil global network mastermind meeting, is...?

this guy


the spontaneous combustion apparently happens because people get too riled up by all that advertising and their nerves short circuit. or something like that. look, just admire their vector animations, the details aren't important.


after main character dude's last helper person got fired, they hired this lady to do the job.

she's very good with computers.

she can get to the security cameras through _the plumbing system_


someone needs to talk to these two about opsec, they're packing all of their sensitive information into one conversation in front of the urinals

(light/fakey) gore, (implied fatphobia?) Show more


i like how much of this dynamic is totally mimed by modern spy movies but with tiny pen cameras instead of that giant TV camera


"edison, there's somebody else in the system"

if you don't hack in the bathtub you're not hardcore enough to be the child genius behind a global tv network conglomerate's evil RND department

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@chr Like, how is the *computer* oozing schmoo in there?

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