@lmorchard Niiiiice.

How are you doing the line drawing? Generating polygons, or using GL_LINE or such?

(I don't even know if WebGL has GL_LINE.)

@icefox I'm generating triangles to make rectangles and drawing with TRIANGLE_STRIP. I'm pretty noobish with it, so I'm sure I'm doing it in the worst way :) I've been making the GPU do all the math I can, and stuffing the buffer full of redundant stuff per point github.com/lmorchard/panic-ran

@lmorchard afaict that's the Right Way to do it, one way or another. It looks really good, regardless.

@icefox Thanks! I'm hoping to cram some more stuff in there like particle animation and weird CRT hardware failure effects

@lmorchard Nice! Shader effects are tons of fun (when they work).

Mine shadertoy.com for ideas.