Occurs to me that I've liked EVE Online over WoW because I can play in loose coordination with other people - eg. hauling, building, trading

@lmorchard EVE seems more like Shadowrun sorts of roleplaying where there's more intrigue and less bashing things to take their stuff.

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@craigmaloney Yeah, the actual fights in EVE are almost an anti-climax IMO. Knocking over the sandcastles to start building again. It's too bad I end up not liking the folks I meet in the game very often

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@lmorchard Maybe there's an avenue for a game where people aren't such wankers. ๐Ÿ˜

@craigmaloney Yeah, I've wondered that before... EVE kind of filters for kids who like to knock over sandcastles, ultimately

@lmorchard Wondering if there's an avenue in with the Eclipse Phase folks. That might be a fun license to explore since there's corporations but also folks just trying to survive.