@lmorchard It's...different to WoW (which I never played). I stuck with it because it's non-sub and there's a lot of PvE content, which is what I prefer. (PvP and WvW are quite improved from a couple of years ago, but they're not to my tastes.)

@wohali I should try it again... one of the differences in PvE tone I noticed is GW2 seemed a lot more like serious business, where WoW has a lot of complete silliness. But then again GW2 has that Super Adventure Box

@lmorchard There are two paid expansions for it now - Heart of Thorns (HoT) and Path of Fire (PoF). HoT has more large group meta maps, plus a gliding mechanic, and PoF is more individual exploration, plus mounts (which are not at all like WoW mounts.)

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@wohali I should give it another shot maybe over the holidays. Biggest thing I did in WoW was exploration of like every quest & corner of the map. Rarely ever raided or any of that grind

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