"SIO2Pi = Atari 800 + Raspberry Pi"

Come see how I stuck wires into things to load disk images onto an Atari 800 from The Internet


@lmorchard Wow, that is really cool. Atari 8Bit machine have been my love for the longest time. Even have a Black Box that did modem and SCSI stuff with my Atari 800XL. Maybe I need to build one of these to get more fun out of the ol' Atari.

@craigmaloney Yeah, I mean I know I wrote a big long blog post around it, but the little device is super simple to build

@lmorchard Well, I have yet to learn to solder so that's one rather large hurdle that I have yet to overcome. :)

@craigmaloney It also helped to get a nicer soldering iron - I tried for years with some cruddy $15 radio shack thing that was literally flaking off corroded metal and wondered why things were so hard >_<

@lmorchard I picked up a radio kit w/ soldering iron from Microcenter but I'm afraid to fire it up for fear that Pixel (our cat) will get into it. Have your cats gotten into your soldering projects?

Les Orchard βœ…πŸ•ΉοΈπŸ”§πŸ±πŸ° @lmorchard

@craigmaloney Oh yeah, cats are all over my projects if I don't stick them into boxes when I'm not working on them :) Right now we have a door on part of the basement where my work bench is, so that's off limits to cats for now

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