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This also hurt my head.

Jeroen Tel & LMan - "Skypeople" (C64) [Oscilloscope View]

@lmorchard Oh wow. Jeroen Tel still making tunes? Fantastic!
@lmorchard I have listened to #commoflage and #bitartillkaffet, but sadly both seem discontinued and even their domains are gone. Both were in Swedish, but of course they were > 80% just chip music, and BTK even had some interviews with people like Tel, and of course those were in English.
@lmorchard Correction! http://commoflage.heltperfekt.com/2018/03/24/commoflage-81/ is alive and well! I just had some glitch of some sort.

BtK though seems on hiatus. He tried upping the ante and living the Patreon life, working 70% and Twitch streaming 70%, and ran smack into the wall and had to stop. :-(