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O_O you can search for tags, it's 1 character out of 500 if you wanna tag a term

you tag 3, that's 3 out of 500

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I never saw the problem -- it's essentially opt-in search, it takes a little more thinking about but it works

(and it helps me not having to look through rambling tootstorms about nothing versus actual notes about stuff I'm actually trying to do in life, like #gamedev or #リネコマ )

Seattle friends! I will be tabling at GeekGirlCon this next weekend at booth E108 with the Seattle Indies! Come and visit!


What's up everyone?! Guess what.

I just submitted a game for Steam's approval, and... since they let pretty much anything in now... I'll soon be pestering you to add it to your wishlist just like a real live indie #gamedev.

*adjusts glasses*

*pees self*


I'm trying to prepare game components (card art, specifically) for's card templates, and boy is it tedious

Hi folks, i just got laid off from my job. I'm a game developer looking for work.

I've worked in Engineering, Design, and QA, at multiple high profile seattle studios on many popular games. i have the skills and experience to match

If you know of anything please get in contact, if not feel free to boost



installing the gamemaker studio 2 trial on my mac :O anyone else using it on macOS? i've not used gamemaker at all before #gameingdev #gamedev

Omg I finally finished gathering the pieces I need to finally play test my new game rules! Aaaa

Thank God "classic" Risk has just a shitton of colored cubes and that literally everyone in the world has a copy of the literal worst game in the whole world to use the money from!!

#gamedev #boardgames

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Indie #gamedev and I try to be productive and do projects but maybe 70% of the time I'm actually browsing memes. Sometimes I do also non-gamedevey projects related to networking and other low-level stuff.

Also pretty artistic if I may say myself but as is with my gamedev habits, I don't tend to finish anything.

I have a website at and it covers a lot of who I am

Oh and I'm also a trans girl not that I like to especially make that "trans" part a part of my identity but some I might toot something related to it sometimes.

I played an *inordinate* amount of Minetest OCD this weekend, but I still put some time into Python #gamedev.

Let's see if my tooter likes this better: excited to find A* pathfinding cribbed from wikipedia working on second try, and my debug graphics are fun

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This formula is the secret to hapiness and my next few commits this week. #gamedev